Kabuhayan Information System

Welcome to DOLE Livelihood Database

The DOLE Kabuhayan Information System or DKIS is a web-based application that is used to process, generate and assess data/information gathered, verified and updated by DOLE regional/ field offices and other DOLE agencies relative to the implementation of the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP).  DKIS serves as a monitoring and evaluation tool for livelihood program managers and implementers and other stakeholders.  A user-friendly system, it ensures real-time and readily available information in all levels on the status and progress of the DILP.

Data or information that can be generated from the DKIS include:

  • Accredited Co-Partner (ACP) – name, address, type of organization, contact details, contact persons, list of officers
  • Assistance or Grant – program/funding source, approved amount of assistance, ACP counterpart, fund releases (amount, date, liquidation status), funding status
  • Project – purpose, type of project, nature of project, amount received, type of beneficiaries, project location
  • Beneficiaries profile (individual) – name, address, contact number, sex, civil status, date of birth, nature of livelihood, income (before the assistance or prior to monitoring period), updated income, other income, social protection coverage/membership, type of beneficiary, membership in an organization
  • Beneficiaries profile (group) - name of beneficiary/organization, number of members, number of direct beneficiaries (of project, male/female), family members employed, address, contact details, contact person, list of officers
  • Equipment – type of equipment, quantity, serial no. (if applicable), acquisition cost, date purchased, recipient, date issued, date donated
  • Raw materials, tools and jigs – items, date
  • Trainings – title of training, conducted by, duration, training cost, number of participants
  • Monitoring – status of project, income, employment generated, date updated
  • Evaluation – project impact, access to services, sustainability

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DKIS serves as database system for reporting, processing and updating of information on programs and projects under the DILP which include Capacity Building Services for Livelihood, Workers Income Augmentation Program, Reintegration Program for OFWs, Adjustment Measures Program and the Community Enterprise Development Project.

The Program Monitoring and Technical Support Services Division of the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns manages the operation of the DOLE Kabuhayan Information System.